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10 DIY furniture ideas for the beginning diyer

Previously it is recommended to make the first assembly of a bed. It becomes for identification of possible disagreements, defects and distortions.

Further it is necessary to make a cut of furniture sheets. Here two options are possible.

Now you will have no problems with laying of the child in a bed — after all he for a long time will not disregard such smart thing as his children's bed car the hands made by the father.

Let's stop on option which can be taken for the basic. But, of course, anything to you does not prevent to add it with any details.

After full drying of the painted details, it is possible to start final assembly of a bed. Self-tapping screws we fasten rollers to the lower part of a framework. Then on a framework we fix all details from all directions. For masking of heads of konfirmat and self-tapping screws they can be painted over paint of the necessary color.

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Homeliness How to make a canopy on a crib: sizes, necessary tools, step-by-step instruction of work and professional advice

If all details on places and everything is good, it is possible to sort a bed and to start painting. For receiving qualitative result it is possible to buy a kraskoraspylitel or paint in barrels. It is possible to paint also with a brush, but for this purpose you have to have a good experience in painting. Paint should be applied in some layers, and then still from above to cover with a transparent varnish in some layers. Process this quite long therefore for it it is necessary to find the special room.

Then it is necessary to process end faces of details an emery paper as it is necessary to make a children's bed car without jags, acute angles and sides. After that it is necessary to drill all necessary openings under konfirmata in junctions of details among themselves and with a framework. A special drill under konfirmat the opening becomes at one time.