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Here and all simple process of production of a bedside table the hands from construction pallets. That it was possible to operate safely a furniture subject, it it will be required previously:

For those who it is able to draw there is a fine opportunity to find already ready drawing in the Internet. On it will be specified not only the separate sizes, but also different options of their fastening, and the list of necessary tools.

Before starting projecting a bedside curbstone it is necessary to decide on model. As designs all bedside tables share on:

Before starting preparation of details, it is necessary to draw the drawing. As a rule, the bedside table does not cause difficulties in the course of assembly. On the drawing it will be required to specify the sizes of all separate elements of a furniture subject.

It is possible to operate a collected curbstone as bedside furniture, in a drawing room and even in a hall. It will fill an interior with a certain mysteriousness and an exclusivity.

As for dressing of a bedside table from old pallets, it can be decorated with the cut-out heart on a drawer. For this purpose:

Thus practically each person can make a bedside curbstone the hands. She can be collected from different materials, the various sizes, forms and designs.

To touch models and the photo of various ideas is possible infinitely. As on modular collections of bedrooms of famous producers, and simply searching according to pictures of Google and Yandex.

As a rule, such subjects of a situation are allocated with the elementary design and are not difficult in assembly.

The drawer will consist of 5 pieces of a tree and one piece of plywood 4 mm thick. The box in the following sequence gathers: