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Timberframed swingset from start to finish Creative DIY ideas from scrap hardwood

Masters from improvised materials which are cost by kopeks, create art products of the highest level. Want to see how from pitch and a tree the real miracle is born? Then watch a step-by-step photo! Such hand-made articles admire and motivate on creation of own unique masterpieces.

At first it soaks bark in hot water under a cover, then keeps under a press, in summary pastes on a basis and processes special structure.

The plastic glass, cardboard, branches, pebbles and hot glue were necessary for a nice arbor. And how to bring together her? Very simply, watch evident photos.

The third interesting lesson is devoted to little princesses. From branches, a cardboard, slices of fabric subjects for doll use are created. Fathers or mothers, looking at a photo, will be able to create together with the child remarkable bagatelles from small pieces of wood.

It is no secret that creative occupations are useful to teenagers. They develop creative thinking, the imagination, assiduity. Give together with children we will learn to create small hand-made articles from roots, branches and other trifles, and the beautiful subjects created by the hands surely will decorate an interior of the teenage room.

When epoxy glue stiffens, on the same lathe perfects preparation, giving it the form of a New Year tree.

Boys will like the following fascinating lesson. From any branches and sticks the young master collects garage for the abrupt car. Dear children, watch a photo, penetrate into step-by-step process and too create beauty from waste material.

And want to get acquainted with the master who creates improbable pictures from tree bark? The artist of old age collects everything in park that lies under feet. Then in a house workshop collects practically from garbage the art masterpieces for sale.

At first the joiner turns cone-shaped preparation from a log.