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It is possible to do a marking of length of thorns, nests and eyes without whetstone imposing — according to dimensional data of the drawing. Venues risok plan points, carry out risks on a square.

It should be noted that whetstones on which ends it will be necessary to hollow out nests for thorns with darkness and semi-darkness, it is better to mark neotortso-bathrooms as at a gouging of nests in neofaced whetstones it is less risk to split whetstone.

The square and the imposed whetstone press to the marked whetstones and on an edge of whetstone carry out to risk for an otortsovka of whetstones. Then whetstone is removed, and on an edge of a feather of a square carry out the second to risk, the designating length of thorns (a place spent on drink zaplechik).

Receptions of a marking of thickness of thorns, width of nests and eyes are described in the general rules of performance of a marking of connections. It should be noted that to draw the risks determining width of eyes and thickness of thorns it is useful and at end faces.

If mark whetstones otortsovanny, the ends when laying for a marking level them on a square, and whetstone for a marking impose so that one its edge was aflush with end faces of the marked whetstones.

Cross risks on each detail transfer to all parties.

It is useful to draw at first on a feather of a square a small trial line and to check, whether precisely it coincides with transferable risky, at positive result inspections carry out to risk on all width of whetstone. Also transfer to risk and to other parties.

At a marking whetstone is pressed to a template emphasis, having its marked party up. On millimetric divisions of a template a pencil by means of a square carry out the cross risks determining length of thorns and nests on whetstone.