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On end of the previous stage preparations for a design table-top are cut. Pieces of the demanded length are cut by a circular saw with an insignificant allowance.

When all preparations are made, a rectangular framework gathers. In a ready curbstone the last will not be visible, and therefore it is possible not to worry about esthetics of their connection especially. Width of each preparation makes 7 cm. In the absence of screws of the demanded length of an opening 12 cm by a drill up to 1⁄2 width of whetstone are made.

For finishing assembly of the case of a design only nails are used. It is in addition possible to apply glue, however it is optional – the framework will already turn out rather strong.

It is necessary to be convinced that the sizes of both frames are identical. Twisting screws, the lower and top parts are recommended to be clamped together that they precisely coincided on dimensions.

Each frame is made of 4 whetstones. When cutting whetstones very important in accuracy to observe all sizes.

Boards before assembly of a framework are carefully smoothed out by the grinder. Of course, it can try to be made manually, but by means of a shlifmashinka more qualitatively, and more simply. The movements have to be circular – the beautiful invoice will be so created.

It is important that wood during work was dry, otherwise it, already being in the house, will crack, and its appeal considerably will decrease. Yes, it can be written off for rural style subsequently, but nevertheless it is desirable to dry up a tree previously.

Pay attention! If you wish, it is possible to gain unusual effect – for this purpose external surfaces should be smoothed out properly (practically to mirror gloss) then to process by means of a rough coarse-grained emery paper for intended creation of defects and roughnesses.