Kitchen Cabinet Design For Moving

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At the fourth stage it is necessary to start collecting boxes. The example of assembly is presented in drawing.

Before starting production of a case, you should be convinced that you near at hand have all necessary materials and tools. You can learn quantity of boards and details if attentively consider the drawing of a case which is given to your attention below.

At the first stage you need to prepare all details. Pay attention to a photo of the case made the hands which is given below. For its creation the circular saw as it allowed to saw boards most precisely and accurately was used.

The case which will be considered as an example, has height of 2288 mm, and its width equals 1166 mm.

But experts are sure, as from this situation it is possible to find an entrance. For example, independently to make this product.

After all you store the most part of the clothes, towels and bed linen in it. And therefore it is almost impossible to do without it.

At the fifth stage there is an assembly of all design.

Of course, there is an opportunity to replace it with curbstones and dressers. But their quantity will be how great that the space of the room will be completely encumbered. To afford the similar not everyone can do.

For production of a case we will use such material as a chipboard. Thickness of one its board equals 18 mm. Besides the main material, also the self-adhesive edge from melamine with thickness about 0,5 mm will be used. The product will be equipped with standard sliding system for facades.

At the second stage it is necessary to be engaged in preparation of edges. For their pokleyka you need to use the ordinary iron and to follow the instruction.