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Bed with boxes – excellent option for teenagers who can keep favourite things and subjects in one place. Plus model that it densely adjoins to a floor thanks to what, under a bed dust does not collect.

Feature of a children's bed with boxes that it does not concede on comfort of the usual. Convenience, safety and universality – here its advantages. The main difference of children's beds with boxes consists in functionality. It is a full-fledged niche for storage of children's things. Such bed saves space and contains a large number of subjects.

Children's bed with boxes – a full-fledged functional berth for the child which combines a case and a couch. Such modern decision will be suitable as for small children, and teenagers. Today there is a huge choice of children's beds with drawers of different flowers, the sizes. For kids it is possible to pick up a bed with drawings, beautiful carved details, inscriptions. Children of advanced age will suit laconic models.

Children's bed with sizes of 16080 cm or 16070 cm optimum option for the growing children. The design with the parameters of 80190 cm – comfortable and well saves space. The one-and-a-half bed takes one berth, but rather convenient and wide. Perfectly will be suitable for teenagers.

The size of a children's bed with boxes – one of the main criteria of successful purchase. Length and width of a berth has to correspond to age, growth and build of the child. The bed with sizes of 75x130x110 cm will be suitable for the kid of 2-3 years. These parameters can slightly differ. Remember that than the child is more senior, the design has to be that more.