Jigsaw Fence To Use An Electric Planer

Basic tools for the woodworking beginner

If wooden chairs have the different height of a seat is easily decides by a podpilivaniye of legs at high chairs (or tamping on a frame of a seat mat of a low chair additional thick dostochek to lift a seat on the necessary height.)

And here idea of how it is possible to arrange ON ANOTHER chairs under our future bench on giving – With the CURVE.

We fit lateral hand-rail of a bench. We cut the angular PAZ on a hand-rail that it entered a chair back frame.

And attention – we add durability elements. From below and from above between backs of chairs – we beat short wooden levels holders. They will unite backs of chairs – in a uniform general back of a country bench.

So, let's understand. Also will begin with the EASIEST WAYS to make a country bench the hands.

Oshkurivayem a varnish covering from chairs (we prepare them for painting). We ground before painting – a special primer for a tree. We impregnate with a moisture resistant covering.

Chairs can be connected not only in a seat mat zone – but also along their backs. Here on a step-by-step master class of production of such bench (the photo is lower) we see as it is made:

Here such at us the elegant garden bench turns out. It can be put on a garden lawn in a place with a little table – under a canopy, in a recreation area, on a verandah or a terassa. And for the winter and a rainy season to bring to the house.