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Remodeling a bathroom for woodworking

Then we think out design of our future gift basket and we decorate a basis on the taste.

It is possible to make baskets small lamps for one egg. For this purpose we choose the pleasant scheme:

Now at us the dish basis turned out, we dry it in an oven before full hardening.

We do a symbolical nest of threads and we put in it the painted eggs.

On the basis of a round box from under cheese it is possible to make a basket for eggs. We paste over a cardboard box with paper or a thin cardboard, we do the decorative handle. Then we decorate to the taste. It can be surprising curls of a kvilling, scrapbooking, dressing by tapes and a band, color paper.

It is possible to make bright chickens of mumpish rubber gloves. We paint them and we decorate color paper. They can be put in a small basket together with the painted eggs or to decorate in this way a holiday table. Look as fine it turns out!

The coil from under food wrap (it is possible to use coils of toilet paper, but I consider that toilet let remains in a toilet)

Then we cut out a basis, we bend it according to a sample, and we fasten parts among themselves. In the turned-out small lamp we put egg and we tie a satin bow above.

The gift basket can be made of dense fabric or felt.

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