Jigsaw Fence To Make Timber Mouldings

Make a wooden safe to make a beautiful slab table

White the Fir-tree as though in the sparkling hoarfrost, will be suitable for reserved interiors in the Scandinavian or minimalist style. In this case white not strongly brilliant tinsel is required (as alternative - buy an artificial Christmas tree with white or silvery "needles"). Toys too will be in a cold color - light blue, ashy, pearl, generally, pastel tones with a bias in cold. Silver or blue garlands will be responsible for gloss.

1. The first step - to choose color At first we choose color scale in which your fir-tree will be decorated. Tone have to correspond at least to the general interior of the room in which there is a tree and as at most - to registration of all apartment. As for actually fir-tree, the basic rule such: we choose one primary color, we take the second for accents which will emphasize details, and we add gloss - gold or silver, but something is desirable one. Red and golden or red and green - the timeless classics, but is also other options.

2. The step of the second - to decide on composition you are surprised, but, it appears, for decoration of a fir-tree there are the certain algorithms subordinated literally to geometrically verified schemes.

Violet And all its shades - gentle-lilac, lavandovy, baklazhanovy, purple. In this case as a contrast color will approach crimson, and as the counterbalancing tone it is possible to use white or a metallic.

"Knitted" fir-tree the Last some years such fir-trees in a trend. As a rule, they small by the size that it was possible to put on a table or a dresser. However offer also options full-scale of the real tree. Balls can be in any, most courageous combinations on color, or, on the contrary, are selected in one tonality. The relyefny is better to take the invoice of threads - so the fir-tree will seem to more "magnificent".