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Bench swing with rob cosman What can you do with pallets and wood

The tool of the carpenter, joiner at least in the minimum set has to be in each economy. It is necessary for performance not only special works, but also is used as make-shifts.

For connection of separate details used joiner's glue and wooden nagel.

It is impossible to make a joiner's product without the corresponding measurements and marking. The high-quality measuring tool and joiner's glue is necessary for any woodworks. In an arsenal of the joiner, carpenter surely have to be:

Someone should tinker a table or a stool (in this case also joiner's glue surely will be required), or to correct a fence. Someone decided to build the hands a rack or a case.

The professional joiner's tool intended for cutting of wood happens shock and raspilovochny.

Wood always was and remains the most demanded material in construction, production of furniture, production of subjects of a decor.

Many masters construct own manual tools and adaptations simplifying measuring and razmetochny processes.

If it is necessary to use joiner's glue for connection of separate elements, they should be pressed densely to each other for some time. As joiner's glue dries not too quickly.

The cohort of files belongs to this category of adaptations. Various forms, sizes, depth of notches or fineness of grain.

Flat-nose pliers, pincers, screw-drivers can often be necessary for the joiner or the carpenter. What to speak about clamps of the different size.

Yes you never know affairs it will be gathered in each house? That it was clear how to use this or that subject, we will try to divide joiner's tools on mission and ways of use.

To level a surface of a board or whetstone, to prostrogat wood and many other works will help to perform such joiner's tools: