Intro To Make A Wood Slat Ceiling

5 woodworking cuts you need to use a jigsaw

The workman - Discussion of materials, machines, manual and the electric tool. Designs of self-made machines and adaptations for processing of a tree.

The house furniture master - the Description of manufacturing techniques of furniture the hands. Principles of joiner's works.

Domaster - Councils for registration of an interior, reviews of modern furniture, household appliances. Photo gallery of examples of registration.

We do furniture - Useful tips, recommendations and drawings for the house furniture maker.

The house plumber - Councils, ideas and recommendations about installation, repair and service of household sanitary appliances.

The buggy - Councils for construction of the racing car of the Buggy the hands. Drawings, photos, articles. The forum works.

The ships the hands - to the Young technician. The description and drawings for creation of models of the ships from various materials.

Knitting by a hook - Ready patterns for knitting by a hook of tops, pullovers, jackets, skirts, cloths, napkins and curtains. Schemes of ready models of knitted clothes.

Dressmaking - the Detailed description, councils and recommendations as it is possible to make clothes for all family the hands.

House sausages - Manufacturing techniques of sausages in house conditions. Councils for a meat choice, cultivation of pigs. Recipes of sausages.

House brewery - Useful tips and recommendations for production of beer in house conditions. History, recipes, types of beer. Beer etiquette.

Baths and saunas - Recommendations about construction and finishings of a bath, a sauna. Standard projects. Equipment of the pool. Furnaces for baths and saunas.

Incubator - Information how independently to make an incubator for cultivation of poultry. Councils for a conclusion and cultivation of chickens, gooses, ducklings, quails, turkeys.

Embroidery a cross - the Alphabet of an embroidery a dagger. Free schemes of embroideries, ready works.