Intro To Make A Plywood Desk With Minimal Tools

Wood ceiling design for the garden I quit my job to make a side table

We constantly test thirst for something new, observing for natural, in the natural way, the proceeding wood aging processes, to the evident end result, a demand to such subjects, people decided to achieve faster process of fading of life of a tree and invented own technology of an artificial sostarivaniye with quite short term of time.

It is necessary to know that not all breeds of trees can give in to artificial aging. For example, wood with uniform dense structure is extremely undesirable to this process. Therefore some breeds, among them a tic, an alder, a beech, a maple to make old it will be pretty problematic.

Now is a fashionable trend, with a mass of followers, with genuine envy and desire to have such things at itself in houses. Designers are those representatives who do not limit the imaginations and ideas in a certain framework. They create masterpieces of arts, the look the reminding exotic grades of trees standing fabulous investments, and actually it is quite available and usual materials, for anyone to buy them.

Acquisition of ancient things, furniture, kitchen utensils, semi-antique finishing, antiques, frames for mirrors and pictures, always was business expensive and expensive. It is so simple to take and buy a little table of last century, a children's cradle, chairs and other, only collectors could, celebrities and wealthy people, having paid the huge sums of money.

The natural phenomena, sostarivy wood, undermine its vital force, and the technology of a brashirovaniye on the contrary, increases the fortress, reliability and durability of material.

Under process of a brashirovaniye grades of trees with pronounced drawing of texture and a fibrous structure, with average soft wood on hardness, such breeds as a larch Siberian, an oak, an ash-tree, a nut will be ideally suited. The effect and faultless appearance, brightness and clearness of contrast — are based on a vyskrebaniye of softer layers, their full removal.

Photo 4. Finishing painting of brashirovanny wood of a planken it is delicious

Photo 2. The made old wood of a planken VS grade (C)