I Quit My Job To Use A Router Freehand

Top 10 hand tools with pallets and wood

Tips have to be identical and about three centimeters in length, we cut them. Approximately so it has to turn out.

Instruction: there is an important feature — the top branch fastens closely to subweight.

We pass to leaves. Let's begin with the most top branch: we string stones on a delay, they have to approach closely a ring. To record a branch on a ring, it is few times densely wrapped round it a wire.

Therefore the image of a tree is considered a strong mascot which helps to find the place in the world and harmony in itself.

Lesia, good luck to you! We will be glad to photos of that at you it will turn out)))

Also we arrive with the second branch, it can already fasten anywhere.

Now it is possible to give vent to the imagination. We do roots, twisting delays among themselves. At first in pairs, then we unite in groups, then we twist everything together, forming a trunk. Roots and a trunk can be bent in addition kruglogubets that they looked more naturally.

In the top point of a trunk again we divide delays to grow up krone. We twist at first thick boughs, then more and more thin branches, bending them as will like. The tree can be harmonous or twisting, rare or sprawling, say, your own, unique and unique.

Now we form future subweight — flat-nose pliers we unbend the ends of a wire of a circle outside.

Too we dress all other branches leaves and we fix on a ring.

At first it is necessary to make a ringlet basis. For this purpose densely we wrap a slice of a thick wire round something round.

Too we wind other thin delays closely to each other. It is better to do quantity of rounds unequal, so roots of a tree will look more vividly.

I suggest to make such ornament mascot the hands, using copper and semiprecious stones. It will turn out not only a symbolical but also beautiful bagatelle.