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How to make a desk with a lid

Do the directing openings at the edges of details in places of their connection, and then fix screws for a tree 57 long in mm. Continue to carry out these actions for fixing of all other parties of a bed.

Attach a longitudinal beam to a wall framework by means of screws for a tree with a square head 7,5 cm long.

Use the fasteners suitable by the size and type the size of your bed. Fasten on one fastening to each pin located behind a bed, or fasten anchors for fastening in a stone laying through each 40 cm, if walls brick.

Turn a frame and add five-centimetric corners for connection of a sidewall and a bottom of a bed.

The last step before fixing of a locker at a wall is a connection of gas-lifts with pins with a semicircular head. On the gas-lift there are marks specifying the concrete direction of installation. Close a bed so that it centimeters on 10 did not reach vertical situation. Fix the gas-lift on pins with a semicircular head. If the gas-lift does not rise into place, double-check the provision of pins and correct it if necessary.

Installation of a bed and wall case is, probably, the simplest stage of work, but also at this stage it is very important to us to provide safe working conditions.