I Quit My Job To Make Simple Wood Boxes

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9. Pine wood is excellent approaches as fuel. Perhaps, the pine can be carried to the best grades of firewood.

4. High-quality pine tree wood is considered age is more senior than 150 years.

8. In furniture production the pine is used as auxiliary material. Make boxes, pallets, simple elements for internal finishing of its wood. The interline interval can be used for external finishing.

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PV1707 pvc edge (pine of Laredo) - the Standard series.

On a note: to the furniture maker, technologist, designer, businessman:

7. Wood is used for production of an interline interval and plywood, and also paper and cellulose. It is widely used as construction material. Finds application in construction of dams and ports, railroads.

10. Pitch and needles of a tree of a pine finds broad application in medicine. Whether it is worth speaking about art? The giving-out painters on the cloths liked to represent pines.

6. Wood is convenient in processing: it is easy to make a cut, milling, to paint. However, if wood contains a large amount of pitch, it will significantly complicate processing.

5. Wood of a pine possesses average density and is rather steady against influence of environment. So, for example, the pine is not subject to rotting and fungal defeats.