I Quit My Job To Make A Wood Mirror Frame

How to build lockers for small space

After that it is required to fasten the lateral panel and boards by means of screws in 4 centimeters. At this stage it is important to track that support was located on one line product edges.

Before finally collecting a bedside table with drawers, it is necessary to close it from above the wooden panel. Here can dream up and make a little a small canopy over sliding boxes or behind a product. It is necessary to fix the top panel by means of 4-centimeter screws as you see on a photo.

Council: if the bedside table is made of the massif of wood, its details need to be processed previously the grinder for a tree, and then to open with wood stain of the chosen shade.

First of all it is necessary to make a marking. For this purpose it is necessary to use a metal ruler and a pencil. At this stage it is necessary to put a marking on all sections and for all boxes.

For filling of cracks round expansion bolt shields and in places of their contact with a bedside table basis we used acrylic sealant. Now it is possible to consider assembly of a framework fully complete. At this stage it is also possible to be engaged in coloring of the turned-out design, but we decided to be engaged in finishing works right at the end.

It is possible to produce by the methods stated above any bedside table – for footwear, on kitchen, in a bathroom. in this article will give the chance to find additional information on the above subject.

Now it is necessary to be engaged in installation directing for sliding boxes.