I Quit My Job To Build DIY Accent Wall For 100

5 woodworking cuts you need to make a basic box

Wood perfectly is suitable and for construction of various protections. Besides a basic purpose – zoning of a site or restriction of access for people and animals – the wooden shtaketnik or a wattle fence carry out as well decorative function, supplementing or emphasizing various design decisions in landscaping. Such fence can be made with ease of improvised materials, without spending money for their purchase.

The bridges from logs and branches thrown through streamlets or artificial reservoirs can finish ensemble of hand-made articles from wood. They look very vividly and are often used by designers for registration of landscapes of country sites.

By the way, the old logs which are available at your disposal can be used with success for production of machines, engines and so on. Only the petrolsaw and a little paint is necessary. And the delight which will be reflected in faces of your posterity, will serve you as the best award.

It is also possible to make a children's swing and a sandbox of wood. Having shown a little imagination, you will design ladders for a lasagna, labyrinths and a set of other subjects which so are pleasant to younger generation.

Before a saw cut of trees it is necessary to be convinced of the wood that these actions you do not violate the existing regulations concerning use of natural resources.

Choosing plants, watch that they were combined among themselves in a form, color and time of blossoming.

Shortcoming at them one – need of use of a large amount of material. It is unlikely you at dacha will have enough logs and thick branches. However in this case can help out the next lesok. For certain there will be enough a dead wood which can be used with advantage.

Track that the basis of a swing and ladders was carefully concreted, all details reliably connected among themselves, and on a surface of wood there were no nails, splinters, knots and various defects which can wound the kid.