How To Use Pipe Clamps For Woodworking Projects

7 tips for wood screws Jigsaw fence to make small wooden box easy

One of the most inexpensive materials — a board and a bar from a pine. We will also make a two-storeyed bed of them.

At production of a bed it must be kept in mind that on the lower bed can sit not only the child therefore the distance to the lower part of the top bed should not be less than 85 cm. The dimension of berths in case of purchased mattresses is defined by their width and length. If you make mattresses of two layers of foam rubber in a cover from dense fabric, the sizes are accepted, proceeding from personal preferences.

The list of wood materials of which it is possible to make a bed, is rather long. Let's allocate the most widespread.

Drawings of some beds with the main sizes are given below.

Bunk beds can various be constructive and to be variously issued. So, the top circle can precisely be over lower, settle down with shift, leaving a place for a locker, or to be perpendicular to it. The ladder can consist of drawers. Other option — steps which are the leaning-back covers of boxes. The bed framework can be also added with the drawers located under the lower mattress. For this purpose it will be necessary for you directing — runners. Sometimes add something else to a bed: little table, regiments, case case or accessories to sports activities.

4. A chipboard — a wood chipboard. Emission of formaldehyde is increased without tight covering, a class E1 plate exception. It is easily sawn, but badly holds screws. Is suitable for not loaded parts — for example, the drawers mounted under the bed bottom. It is possible to make backs of the laminated plate (LDSP), decorative panels — the film covering does not allow formaldehyde to evaporate, but it is important that also end faces of plates were closed by a film.

Upon purchase of accessories it is necessary to give preference to a steel hardware. Aluminum much less strong and rigid.

At production of a bed various connections can be necessary, for a vertical, formation of corners across. It can be executed in various ways. We give some of them for reference.