How To Use Pipe Clamps For Woodworking

10 how to build a walnut dining table

However, besides drawings both tools, and expendables will be necessary for us:

For these purposes the additional binding of legs whetstones 150 centimeters long becomes. They are fastened to forward and back legs. In case of shortage of materials it is possible to be limited to one cross-piece which is mounted to whetstones of the lower binding.

Quite often on country sites arbors and the garden furniture acquired in specialized outlets meet. However the bench made by the hands will enjoy special love. For example, it is very difficult to present a country site where there is no bench wooden. Certainly, some summer residents follow the line of least resistance and get at once a finished product.

Some owners of country sites use different types of materials for production of shops. As a rule, it concerns country furniture which costs on one place constantly. How to make a bench of this kind?

Important! The varnish will give to a collected bench from a tree the hands gloss only if in advance to polish a tree. The varnish covering is applied on preparation in some layers.

However production of furniture for a personal plot the hands is capable in itself to present the mass of positive emotions. At creation of a garden bench use of the most different materials is allowed. Certainly, wooden benches are most widespread, but also metal, plywood and other designs meet.

Having prepared necessary material, we start directly production of a bench the hands from a tree:

However our task — this production from various materials of the bench of attractive design providing the maximum convenience in operation. Here it is important to consider, what tasks will be carried out by this subject of garden furniture. Distinguish garden benches of the following types:

So, for creation of a bench by the hands of 150 cm, 45 cm high with a back in 90 cm it will be required to us: