How To Use A Planer For Our Move Efficiently

Wood burning for beginners—how to woodworking 50 amazing uses for our move efficiently

It is not much more difficult to make a small shop with a back. The principle of installation and fixture is similar to simple benches: grooves, thorns, shkant, glue, self-tapping screws and konfirmata.

If a bench not really long, the beam can be put below. At such design it carries out only a stiffening rib role.

2. Process end faces and smooth out surfaces for gluing together;

The simplest option for production - a wooden shop without back.

It is possible to see an unusual case of use of a shkant one photo below - it fixes a beam to legs not razed installation and open.

For example, in style the minimalism - is not present even protruding edges. Merging by the principle a thorn groove is applied to connection of legs and sitting.

On the drawing the shop from a tree the hands which is completely made of a board with thickness of 75 mm is presented.

The leg represents two stuck together elements. For reliability of face connection the pin (shkant) is inserted. To a leg two short beams of an emphasis and fastening of sitting fix. Legs and beams connect grooves, fix glue and self-tapping screws. A leg in assembled form and a beam fix to a sitting board in two couples self-tapping screws and shkant, under them drill openings in advance.

Images and drawings of a bench from a board of 30 mm with a basic beam.

Here too for the basis whetstone is used. Thanks to the big thickness of a board of sitting, it does not need an additional support. The lower beam serves as a stiffening rib.

One long basic beam instead of four short is used, it carries out still function of a stiffening rib for the basis - legs and all design are steadier. Connection of legs and a beam takes place on a thorn groove, and much easier to cut a thorn. That is, such form is a little simpler in production, is steadier and gives more opportunities for experimenting.