How To Use A Jigsaw

Make a wooden safe to build a walnut dining table The right drill bit to pack your kitchen

In spite of the fact that drawings are made at the amateur level, it is necessary to maintain high precision and accuracy of their performance. It is necessary to take into account that subsequently they, perhaps, will be required to be provided in raspilochny shop or to the seller upon purchase of material and accessories. To avoid misunderstanding and not to pay superfluous, it is necessary to check reliability of drawings after completion of work over them. It is better to do calculations on details of furniture separately and on a big format. It will help to avoid confusion.

For linen dressers and cases important existence of capacious boxes. In walls of boxes it is necessary to make at once some openings with a diameter of 10-12 cm for good ventilation. For the smooth movement it is best of all to supply a design with block longitudinal rails with the closer.

Each of pieces of furniture carries out the separate function. Projecting furniture for a bathroom the hands it is necessary to consider loading which will lay down on the basis and regiments in a usage time. For example, the curbstone under a sink or a case for the washing machine needs to be collected with impressive margin of safety. It concerns as a choice of material and design of provision of stiffening ribs, and the fastening used subsequently.

Before making a case or a curbstone, it is necessary to carry out very exact measurements. As shows experiment, in a bathroom most often there is not enough place at a large number of motionless elements (a bathroom, pipes, walls, a sink, a toilet bowl) therefore total discrepancy of the sizes even on 10-15 mm can be critical.

In the basis of everyone (except the lowermost) by means of a peryevy drill we do holes under the rollers which are used quite often for heavy drawers. Fixing them, dispose surely at an angle 45 degrees to lateral edges. On the center of each panel (besides, except lower and the most top) we bore through an opening and we connect sections long bolts, having twirled them the self-stopped nuts with spring washers.

Design and mission of pieces of furniture in a bathroom it is limited only to available space and your own imagination. The most frequent and used models: