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If you were already trained at lessons at your school, ask the teacher, can you could be the assistant to the teacher. You will help to maintain documents, will do projects, besides, you to have access to tools in a workshop and will be able to work on own projects in free time.

Become the assistant on a workplace. If you cannot take part in the program of an apprenticeship, look for opportunity to become the assistant on a workplace. As the assistant, you should not have a large number of knowledge of carpenter's and joiner's works. You can find such vacancies from announcements in your newspaper, and also in bureau on employment.

How to find possibility of training. Look for the programs of inservice training offered by the professional construction organizations. There are also very many associations of contract organizations and the unions which sponsor an apprenticeship. Look for additional information on the Internet.

Some pupils also receive special preparation. It includes rules of performance: lifting work, works on construction of the woods, works with concrete, etc.

Spirit level. Levels are a key to symmetry, straight lines and to accuracy. If you place spirit level on a board which you are going to beat to a wall, it will tell you about, whether the board is strictly horizontal.

Talk to someone about the existing programs of training. Talk to the school methodologist about programs of vocational training. Most likely, he or she will be able to help you to find possibilities of training of a profession in your city or the area. Some educational institutions offer training in construction professions.

To be capable to perform a hard physical activity.