How To Making A Bed With Wood

30 ideas for absolute beginners

The covering forms a protective film on a board surface, being partially absorbed in the top layers of wood

Wide massive boards look in big rooms better. They will easily make an interior more organic and compact, will give it respectability and validity. Narrow boards visually extend the room and look more gracefully. It is worth remembering, the already the massif, the it is steadier and is less subject to deformations. For premises the most optimum option of width of a massive board – 130 mm and 150 mm.

– one more factor influencing appearance and durability of a floor.

Light floor and back wall + dark lateral walls and a ceiling – creation of effect of a long corridor.

The covering impregnates the top layers of wood, interfering thereby with penetration of moisture and various pollution. The covering does not close a time of wood and does not form a film on a board surface

Completely dark room gets out of the shape, the accent falls on bright elements of an interior.

Mechanical durability and flexibility of a board is directly connected with its thickness. At a choice it is necessary to consider also type of the basis on which the board keeps within. When laying on the equal and firm basis for premises there will be enough 18 – 22 mm. Thicker boards use in special conditions, that for ensuring special durability of a floor and its durability.

Long boards visually extend the room, do a floor more uniform. It should be taken into account that the massif is longer, the more sensitively it reacts to temperature and moist differences. For apartments the optimum size length to 2200 mm is considered. Such boards it is easy to transport, stack and form of them drawing. Boards are longer than 3000 mm more are intended for country houses.

The main advantage of a polished massive board without covering, except rather low cost, in possibility of creation of an individual color scheme for a floor.

Lack of a dark board that on it scratches are visible better, than on the light. It can easily be corrected, having painted over them special pencils. On a light board pollution are better visible.