How To Making A Bed With Lights

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Regiments it is necessary to make 8 mm of glued plywood. To exclude probability of change of the linear sizes of material it is admissible by method of production of preparations in duplicate for each berth. One cloth needs to give dimensions, limited 12470 cm, to another – 6270 cm, in this case their joint will be located on a cross bar. At production of crossbeams of a ladder it is possible to use 3 ready sticks which are applied to gymnastic exercises.

The bunk bed perfectly is suitable for those families, at whom two children and the small area for arrangement of the nursery.

To start works on production of a bunk bed, it is necessary to prepare the following tools and materials:

Everyone has to be sawn on 2 parts with a size equal to 50 cm. Racks of this part of a bed need to be made of a bar which section is equal 7040 mm. The top part of racks needs to be rounded off, using the same technology which was taken as a basis during the work with racks of the bed.

Figure 2. The detailing of a bed with necessary quantity of elements and their sizes.

Boards for a fringing and a protection will need to be prepared as required, at the moment when the basis of a design is mounted. In the course of production of bunk beds not in all cases it is possible to observe the exact set dimensions, for this reason it is already more preferable to adjust decorative elements to ready system of a framework.

Before production it is necessary to check dryness and readiness of a board and bar, besides, material has to be equal.

After it was succeeded to execute the scheme of a design with the detailing and the indication of dimensions, it is possible to get timber.

Figure 1. The scheme of a bed with the general dimensions of a design.

Figure 4. Scheme of assembly of the shelf of a bunk bed.