How To Making A Bed With Ease

Easy to use a router freehand

Boxes under a bed can be sliding and independent. The second option differs in that boxes represent an independent design which is not fastened to a bed. In this case they simply come around under a bed on special castors.

Thus, assembly of all design is carried out. When performing work use the drawing. It will allow to make quickly and qualitatively a crib.

To make a qualitative crib, it is necessary to follow some advice of experts:

For this purpose it is necessary to have the exact sizes of future details, the drawing or curves. The second option is good that you should not perform dusty work in house conditions.

To make a bed for the child, it is necessary to prepare such materials, as:

After all tools and materials are prepared for work, start production of details of future design. For a start the marking is applied on a furniture board. If the detail has openings, they are also put. For this purpose use a usual pencil and other stationery.