How To Make Straight Rip Cuts With Storage

Make a wooden safe to build a coffee table Hot to make a wood mirror frame

Reminds calipers which legs are bent not inside, and aside

All above described tools are necessary for joiner's and carpenter's works. At their use production of any product from wood is guaranteed.

Consists of two sharnirno the connected plates. The corner between plates is regulated and fixed by a clip

Axe. It is also necessary for the carpenter. By means of an axe it is possible to chop off boughs or to tesat logs. Toporishche concerning the handle, settles down under a 90-degree corner.

At connection of wooden parts, except glue (casein, PVA), self-tapping screws and bolts are widely used. Well and the most important – a marking. At a marking of details the ruler, a square and any curves (templates) are applied.

Nozh-tsiklya. It, sliding on a surface, it is used for a tsiklevaniye, remaining, in fact, knifing.

On a design the yarunok is similar to a square, but details are located at an angle 45 °

The thin level of a joiner's square is inserted into thick (block) at right angle. The block serves as an emphasis at measurements and a marking

Clamps. Are applied to pasting of boards of boards and other details from wood. Also, except clamps, a vice, vayma and the press are applied.

Chisel. It externally resembles a chisel, but that is not, is intended for a slotting of knots and any roughnesses, making of deepenings, and also is suitable for cutting of an interline interval. Sharpenings of a cutting torch are various.