How To Make Straight Rip Cuts With Hardwood

Choosing pilot hole size for under $50 5 places to build

Will approach a pallet, as on a photo better. With the angular facet removed on a contour.

Garden benches from a tree beautifully look, but they require careful leaving. And here benches from a stone are not whimsical in service and are easy in assembly.

It is not obligatory to spend time for dismantling of pallets, and it is better to buy standard timber.

If for width of a back is not enough, the bench should be done of two pallets.

If on a site there are ownerless stones of the different sizes, it is possible to build almost exclusive bench from them.

The instruction on production of a garden bench step by step, each step is in detail described also an illustration

There are examples of use of a board a pallet for production of a bench and other products from a class of small architectural forms. On a photo are made also flowerpots.

It is possible not to cut off pallets on width and to make a garden sofa.

Sitting and a back - part of a design. Legs are necessary. Let's make of a board pallets.

Among small architectural forms shops and benches are most widespread. It is possible to make of any materials or their combinations: tree, metal, stone, concrete, plastic, glass.

or two. Benches, benches from a tree the hands in detail and clearly.

The idle time in processing and material, available at cost, - a tree. Benches from a tree the hands give the chance to save money, to show house workmanship and to visit the creator.

They everywhere: streets and areas of the cities, parks and squares, sports and educational institutions, public institutions and premises. Almost obligatory element of landscaping, site of the private house or giving.

There are cases, the step of fastening of a board obviously will not be suitable for a shop.

Fixing of a back, apparently from examples, can take place by means of couple of laths, a board, a rope or a rope. The collected shop, its surface is smoothed out, ground, varnished or paint.

Width pallets is great for sitting of a bench. It should be cut off, the rest can go to the back device.