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Of course, for winter footwear not really successful option, but it is very convenient in the summer, will save a heap of a place.

One more option of the shelf for footwear from wooden boxes which can be made the hands.

As the theater begins with a hanger, so any apartment from a hall. Regiments for footwear not simply useful piece of furniture, is part of interior design so if you the fan of creative decisions, can start surprising guests from a hall. In this selection can look at some interesting ideas of unusual shelves for footwear.

Here so, for example, today you have a pyramid, and tomorrow a short flight of stairs, in the right frame of mind.

Do not use a loop because your design has to sustain to 450 kg! The author of a photo advises to use bolts as hinged hairpins which should be welded in a frame.

It is IMPORTANT to fix a frame strictly vertically, for this purpose it is necessary to use a plumb. At first attach top fastenings to a ceiling, and then on a plumb to fix the lower fastening (see a photo).

You only need to solve how to poskladyvat them. If in the house there are small children, the design, of course, needs to be connected bolts or self-tapping screws, and it is even better, to attach to a wall, it will be so more reliable and safer. But if children are not present, to fasten there is no need, boxes rather strong. And the main advantage, you will be able to change a design form though every day. Represent, every day you have a new shelf and that's all

Look at a master class as it is possible to make this rack for footwear on the photos located above.

Let's look as to make a secret door in the apartment, for example, in a case, in wardrobe, in a wall.

Having put in a strong design, it is very convenient to store footwear. For a change it is possible to take away one box and put, anything.

Do not forget to install the wooden limiter over a door (photo cm). Attach a magnet to this limiter that the door would keep driven into the corner. Be accurate at a magnet choice, it has to attract not too strongly and not too poorly. IMPORTANT!!!: by fire safety regulations: all entrances to rooms in which there are furnaces or gas stoves and gas pipes, have to be accurately visible.