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When I was engaged in sale of factory furniture, I had no problems with a material choice for back walls of curbstones of tables. Because all furniture factories with which I cooperated, used for their production laminated by a chipboard. And I with them am solidary. Attention to drawing:

Fans of comfort prefer to equip the computer tables with mobile curbstones. And there is no wonder, after all:

Dealt with mobile curbstones. I want to tell you about a material choice for back walls of curbstones further.

Projecting computer tables with added curbstones, it is necessary to provide compatibility of the sizes in points of an adjunction of these modules to each other.

Sizes of mobile curbstones. The standard mobile curbstone under a computer table has length – 400mm, depth – 500mm and height – 575mm. With such compact sizes this module can be installed both under a table, and near a table. Attention to drawing:

Here the adjoining party of a table-top on the one hand has depth 600mm, and with another – 700mm. As depth of a curbstone makes 600mm, and it is possible to combine it only with that party of a table which has depth 600mm. From this it follows that:

For production of back walls of curbstones of tables use LDSP or LDVP. Conscientious furniture makers choose the first material, and economical – the second. Personally I have nothing against economy but only provided that it will be reasonable, but not thoughtless.

Before you three designs. The first is equipped with three standard drawers. In the second curbstone one box standard, and the second – high. The third curbstone is divided by a shelf into two cells inside and closed by a furniture door.