How To Make A Wooden Bench For A Screw

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The surface of furniture needs to be wiped more often vinegar solution, it gives to freshness and if to rub wooden parts with solution of vegetable oil and vinegar in identical proportions, small scratches will disappear.

As a rule, the house masterful joiner will be organized in rooms of the small area therefore it is necessary to install in it the equipment rationally, using space to the maximum.

The workshop can look as a big case, it is desirable that it was locked. The sizes are caused by opportunities of the room and conditions of the made preparation.

In spite of the fact that plastic windows — it is rather strong thing, and in itself they in general are reliable, however breakages nevertheless happen.

It is necessary to know! If to do shkant initially at any length, openings need to be bored through accurately on this depth, up to millimeter.

For example, the painting equipment is installed from above, and boxes with nails, self-tapping screws and other small things put on the lower shelves. Equipping a workshop, do not forget to make a place for various laths and whetstones. But the main thing, it is necessary to arrange correctly tools which most often use. It is desirable to make for them a small compartment and to fix them there, also they have to hang so that they easily acted.

There are recipes checked by masters of joiner's business since ancient times. These recipes did not lose value and today, all of them are still applied in creation of various qualitative things from a tree. All recommendations below are submitted on that you could be a carpenter effectively, relying on the joiners checked for centuries experience.