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Clouds and rain often give to the photographer opportunities much more fascinating, than clear and cloudless day. Sometimes the photographer should make a way to hundreds of kilometers to create a good landscape during bad weather. And sometimes it is worth having a look simply around. Always it is possible to find what to photograph. After all the nature very often surprises us with very unusual phenomena, even similar which not to create any graphic editor.

How to you how photographer, to create an own, unique voice? First of all it is necessary to make careful selection of those councils which you perceive. For example, there is such very ordinary opinion that the landscape interesting you needs to be removed from the wide foreground. This opinion as it seems to us, is based that the landscape in itself is rather boring, it needs a silhouette of the person or, for example. the grazed cow. These objects attract attention of the viewer. But the matter is that if you between a landscape and the viewer intend to place some object, in this case it is necessary to tell the viewer some story. This object should not be in the photo just like that. Good photos violate many rules.

The main thing, it is necessary to acquire firmly: the photo is created by you, and the camera only fixes the image which you created. If you consider that existence in the camera of a large number of pixels and good speeds of a lens will give a guarantee of that your pictures will be good - you deeply are mistaken.

Well, and now summary. Everything, told by us today, it is possible to express one phrase. First of all it is necessary to solve what exactly interests you in this concrete landscape, then to photograph this landscape, then to edit the shot scenes. But it is necessary to make it so that the nature – the earth, water, the sky, trees, a grass, - in your photo continued to speak to the, only it by an inherent voice.