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Hot to make two chairs from one sheet Woodworking how to choose a drill bit

IMPORTANT: Applying this method it is possible to achieve the best result if the door (facade) of a locker is executed in uniform color or style with facades of furniture sets of a hall, kitchen, or a drawing room.

Expendables: Shkanta, euroscrews, PVA glue, silicone glue-sealant

Axial lines need to be applied on all end faces and edges of elements which will be pulled together with krepezha subsequently.

Do not forget and about fastenings. To place on the face of a product of a hat of fastenings even if and decorated after caps – it is extremely undesirable. for a coupler of elements from the face it is recommended to use furniture shkant (thorns). In invisible places it is possible to apply usual furniture corners, konfirmat (euroscrews) or classical screws self-tapping screws.

IMPORTANT: Not to be mistaken with opening depth, use a strip of a painting adhesive tape or an insulating tape, having wrapped up it a drill at the necessary distance.

Lean the tool closely against face edge of an element and note distance to the central axis. Do the same and from the opposite edge of an end face. Then on noted points draw an axial line.

IMPORTANT: The distance for all elements has to be identical.