How To Make A Desk With Floating Night Stands

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If you chose DNAT, it is better to place the pusko-regulating device (EPRA/EMPRA) outside a case. First, it is strongly heated and allocates additional heat. Secondly, it will help to avoid undesirable contact of the device with water when watering.

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Ventilation pays off proceeding from the sizes of a case (boxing). We calculate case volume (a vysota*glubina*shirin in meters) and we divide on 120 if the received volume exceeded 2 cbm., or on 60 if volume is less than 2 cbm. The received size is also productivity which the ottochny fan has to possess. The Pritochny fan (if inflow active) has to be slightly smaller power.

In more detail about a choice of reflecting material for walls of a self-made grouboks we wrote in article of Grouboks with the hands: than to cover an internal surface.

Of course, the more there will be a used case, the more freely to your plants in it will live.

DNAT lamp, though allocates a lot of heat, creating problems with temperature condition, is the best in the ratio efficiency cost. If the locker is not great and in it there lives one plant, it is possible to try to receive a crop and on ESL.

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It is obvious that the book or kitchen case in itself is not capable to replace fully prize-fighting for cultivation. Therefore the main task to make it the most similar on groutent. First of all it concerns an internal covering. Producers of awnings constantly improve reflecting properties of the materials. The after all well reflected light can increase efficiency of lamps by 10-20%, it is worth it to be enclosed and buy a little:

That the case chosen by you is tight and its doors are closed densely it is good. However some openings nevertheless will be necessary. First of all for ensuring ventilation and a conclusion of cables of electric equipment.