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Cheap moving boxes for wood screws

Production of a bed which we presented in the previous drawing, will also require such accessories:

Upon termination of a preparatory work it is possible to start connection of details. If by a chipboard it was sawn truly, then problems with installation will not arise.

When developing the drawing height of the second circle is defined with ceiling height. The place for a ladder arrangement is defined. Thus the ladder carries out functions of the Swedish wall.

On it production of a children's two-story bed comes to the end. Carefully wipe all its surfaces, put mattresses and it is possible to make beds and to use them!

It is quite real and not so difficult to make a bunk bed the hands. All process can be broken into such stages:

For the top bed surely it is necessary to make hand-rail. They have to be rather high that the child incidentally did not fall when sleeps.