How To Make A Basic Box

18 ideas for home with bed Building a queen size bed from wood

It is their main shortcoming because not everyone can brag of a big living space. Often the bed should be pushed into absolutely limited space. Therefore sometimes for economy of an empty seat make self-made beds of necessary dimensions:

Now about a ladder. To go down on it it did not appear awkwardly and painfully, process edges of crossbeams a manual plane or the grinding machine a little. Such procedure will give them an accurate look:

It is visible that it is necessary to increase boards. From a wall it is necessary to add nothing. The bed will stand closely to a wall, means there is no place to fall. From other parties it should be made surely.

If necessary it is necessary to fasten boards from within at an angle. To drill the directing openings – use the irreplaceable Kreg Jig adaptation. It is the convenient and easy-to-work tool.

The second floor is almost ready. Further it is possible to fix logs.

Important! Whatever the bed (the most usual, classical was made or made under a certain subject), it is necessary to remember the rule — whetstones and laths have to be from especially strong wood. Quality and further term of operation of a product depends on it.

At first it is necessary to choose a suitable mattress. Under its sizes all elements of future design will be made. Then buy the necessary building material – boards of cut type, whetstone, laths, a varnish on a water basis, wood stain, a nazhdachka and a brush:

The drawing or the sketch of future design considerably will facilitate all process of production of details and the subsequent assembly. Exceptions make beds lodges. These are rather difficult projects for independent production. As the plan of works it is better to take the sketch executed by the professional designer:

Before works it is necessary to stock up with material. Buy:

At first putty roughnesses and knots of a framework, then a zashkurta. Further it is necessary to make a short flight of stairs on the second circle.

This subject of children's furniture can be any. The main thing — to observe the main requirements: the bed has to be: