How To Know How To Make

11 beginner tips to make a solid cherry bookcase

Experts made some rules, following which you will never make a fatal mistake:

Many builders recommend to use for processing a copper vitriol. This means — the best option for fight against a mold, bacteria, wreckers and ignition. Processing by a copper vitriol costs not much and is available to much.

How to make a fence a paling of logs the hands: the step-by-step instruction with a photo and video.

As moisture in logs moves to end faces unevenly on cross fibers, it can cause tension inside. As a result, the wreath will have cracks which increase over time. Therefore protection of end faces of a felling is obligatory.

Choosing means for processing, it is necessary to examine its structure attentively. It is preferable to choose oil-containing structures, they always provided fine result.

Lime will become an excellent anti-septic tank for end faces. It can be applied to the lower layer of logs to reduce the level of humidity of a tree. At construction of a bath, outside it is better to process end faces according to such scheme:

Processing of a felling an anti-septic tank can be made by means on the basis of beeswax or wood pitch. In the market also synthetic structures are offered. They yield excellent result, but availability of preservatives can harmful affect human health who will live in the house.

Let's consider processing an anti-septic tank of external and internal surfaces of walls of the house from a tree. What materials