How To Choose And Use Drill Bits

Lift top coffee table with a jigsaw

The crib has to be steady, strong, safe. The product should not have gaps and cracks neither between constructive details, nor between sides and a mattress. Therefore before starting most production of a crib, it is necessary to get a mattress the cm sizes 120×60 in advance. We give preference to a rigid spring product or with a special filler, for example the coconut. The size of a mattress has to correspond as much as possible to the area of the basis (bed) therefore we will adjust bed parameters at design.

The first months the child spends the most part of time in a bed therefore it has to be convenient and safe.

With growth of the child the berth size increases. How to make a crib to the child or for two children that the place for a dream did not occupy the most part of the room?

Such bed is capable to serve to the child till 4 years. It is classical – the simplest design. At desire, using this drawing, it is possible to change a form, the size of the top basis of a back, to decorate it with a decor.

The drawing of future product can be prepared independently in house conditions or to pick up suitable from the Internet or other sources (correcting under the sizes).

Such sliding bed will provide the vacation spot of two children or one child plus a reserve guest place.