How To Build Lockers For The Beginning Diyer

Creative DIY ideas from 2x4 lumber Woodwork for absolute beginners

If you have no wide experience of work with a tree, pallets will be the best material for production of a bench the hands. They can be got in any place where sell wooden beams, boards etc.

Important elements in benches are fixture. As them bolts, nails, metal corners, metal self-tapping screws can act.

Production of one bench requires two wooden pallets, a saw, paint, self-tapping screws, the screw gun, metal plates for fastening. One pallet will be sitting, and the second — a back. At first one pallet needs to arrange horizontally and to move to it the second to a pallet which will be located vertically. Thus, the back and sitting of a bench will turn out. They need to be connected among themselves. For this purpose it is possible to use metal plates or corners. Such elements by means of self-tapping screws and the screw gun fasten.

The bench will settle down between two trunks of trees. The distance between them has to be 160−180 centimeters. Height of such bench will be 55−60 cm. For such street bench it will be necessary to get 3 boards from strong breeds of trees. Two boards will be longer, and the average board — is shorter.