How To Build Lockers For Home Decor

Backyard swing from 2x4s 5 woodworking joints for a screw

Despite that today many residents of Tyumen have dachas, carrots till next summer of very few people can keep. Often it fades or rots. Because inexperienced citizens simply it incorrectly store all this.

Carrots before storage need to be dried on the sun, but not to wash. For many will seem strange, that we now will advise, but it is the checked way: those carrots at which the head with a tops of vegetable is cut off are better to be stored. Exactly not simply tops of vegetable, and carrots top. Then she also does not think to sprout.

Probably, there is no person who would not love carrots. Even if someone is not ready to gnaw orange vegetable, it with pleasure uses it in pilaf or other dishes where without carrot taste will be that not that is called.