How To Build DIY Accent Wall For Father S Day

10 how to find free moving boxes

At the end you can paint it (it is desirable white paint) or to cover with wood stain.

It is necessary only to insert a ready box into place. Everything, the simple wooden curbstone is ready!

He in our case will be brought together from a piece of plywood (the recommended thickness – 4 mm) and five pieces of a tree.

Boards connect among themselves, as shown in the image.

On a note! Cuts will perfectly look and other forms are there can be, for example, images of suits. However for this purpose the bedside table has to have the corresponding quantity of drawers.

After that are beaten lower and top speak rapidly bedside tables.

That the drawer slid easier and more freely, from within to the lower frame couple of pieces of plywood is pasted (see the scheme below).

For lack of experience or necessary tools the bedside curbstone can quite be made, using make-shifts.

Further are beaten back and sidewalls. At once we will make a reservation that it is quite difficult to make it – the lower frame has to be well recorded, differently at a zakolachivaniye of nails squareness will be broken. After that the forward surface gathers.

First of all, the top cover gathers on a rectangular frame. The end faces of boards which are going beyond a design are led up to the demanded sizes the grinding machine.

In view of the fact that the box will be subject to the greatest loadings, its walls can be connected in addition iron corners – so its squareness and durability will remain.

For a start all necessary tools shown on the image are prepared.

The second directing is beaten from the opposite side of a box.

Here what materials will be required for production of a box.