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The modern market offers a sufficient choice of children's furniture, its number includes also cribs.

It is not obligatory to be the professional in this sphere at all and to spend a lot of time for assembly.

Having decided on the sizes and a design of a children's bed, it is possible to get to direct work:

. Boards, a bar, a furniture board is tselnoderevyanny ecologically safe materials which first of all I recommend for assembly of children's furniture.

It is better to buy two different cuts (enough wide for an allowance) natural material: weightless, light, summer fabric and more dense — for the winter. First, it is necessary to get a framework which fastens on a bed. Then to draw a pattern by the sizes, to cut out details and to sew them in the right places.

Then it is necessary to prepare competently the exact drawing of a bed for the newborn the hands, or to find the suitable sketch on Internet open spaces.

The ready wooden bed costs quite much. Not each family is able to afford such expenses, especially, it will serve only some years.

Tool kit absolutely minimum: electric fret saw, Bulgarian and usual drill.

On a bed photo by the hands it is shown how to make option for the child of five years, but all specified parameters can be increased to the bigger size.

Important previously, before drawing up the drawing to measure a mattress which will creep in a bed as in a consequence it will be more difficult to pick up the necessary size!