How To Build A Wooden Chairs For A Screw

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When conversation comes about professions the carpenter and the joiner in what a difference between them many do not understand and do not even reflect. Let's understand.

Modern joiners do furniture both beautiful, and convenient. These are the real wizards in which hands the usual piece of wood turns into a deep convenient chair, a soft sofa or a capacious case. Here what it is a remarkable profession!

After all, really, the difference between the joiner and the carpenter to a descent is unevident. Both and another saws that, planes and processes fine natural material – a tree. So in what a difference?

But you should not underestimate. The carpenter can work the house, a bath, a fence, a box, an arch, a beam, a bridge subtime, etc. – that is, so to speak, large forms. When it is necessary to work is thinner, small and scrupulously, here work of the joiner already begins. The furniture, caskets, a parquet floor, carved details of an interior – all this are done by the joiner. The carpenter cuts, planes, squares, the joiner grinds, varnishes, polishes.