How To Build A Wooden Box With Ecosa

Creative DIY ideas from scratch

At a curve of edges conduct the lug which is wrapped up by an emery paper at an angle to lateral sides or with easy pressing along edge.

Emery "files" can be made of the strips of a suitable emery paper pasted on levels or round sticks.

If you hold an emery paper with a hand, watch that edges of paper did not scratch a tree.

Grinding sponges with an abrasive covering of large, average and small granularity are especially good for cleaning of curves and profiles.

When processing details of difficult forms it is expedient to use self-made "files". Make them as follows. Narrow strips of an emery paper paste on levels or round sticks. Such "files" it is possible to process purely the smallest curves or the narrowest dredging on the turned details.

Carry out curves, using an emery paper only together with a lug which direct at an angle 45 degrees to both surfaces. The lug provides uniformity of polishing and a curve.

Wood dust from a sponge is deleted, rumpling it. It is possible to wash also a sponge, but before again to use it, it is necessary to wait when it completely dries.

Emery sponges so flexible that they fit any curve and even multistage profiles tightly.