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Diy floating pallet bed frame with a sliding lid

Scheme of assembly of a bedside table. The directing are marked in blue color

After dismantling we will have free boards which need to be ground, and whetstones from which we collect a table-top. Thus the doshchatka can be driven densely, and it is possible to leave small gaps for appearance.

Too we do the shelf of boards which it is previously carefully ground to avoid splinters and hooks.

As you, perhaps, were convinced, to make furniture from a pallet the hands quite really, besides it will manage absolutely cheap. Perhaps, you have for this purpose no electric tools, but after all they can quite be replaced manual as however, and our ancestors arrived.

For assembly of a children's bed in width enough only one pallet, therefore, all is required four pieces. That is, the general dimensions on the area will turn out 1600 mm in length (two on 800 mm) and 1200 mm in width (the europallet across). Two rows a pallet laid at each other quite conform to these requirements.

We open all bedside table with sateen paint, and from above we cover with a colourless varnish.

After drying of paints and varnishes we bring our product into operation.