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For more rough curvilinear profiles use a manual electrofret saw.

Width of a working cloth of a joiner's electrofret saw makes 5-6 mm that gives the chance to cut out circles with a radius only some centimeters, the maximum thickness spent on drink only 2,5 cm. Cloths make of the titan or the alloyed steel therefore the tool turns out very reliable and strong.

The joiner's fret saw is often used at individual production of models, jewelry and hand-made articles from thin-sheet plywood and an interline interval.

Correctly adjusted luchkovy saw practically has no clip of a long and thin cloth, process of cutting turns out more comfortable and qualitative.

Practically in any house there is a joiner's tool for cutting and drilling of wood. About 30% of joiner's works belong to cut and cutting of preparations for further polishing and adjustment.

In total for a marking in joiner's business more than thirty various razmetochny adaptations are used. From the most primitive and simple joiner's tools only names and a photo remained. But there are also exceptions, some of them were thought up 150-200 years, but thanks to a successful design of the joiner's razmetochny tool are widely used and today.

Except the mechanical tool, in an arsenal practically of any joiner's workshop there is a manual disk power saw. Thanks to the powerful motor in one and a half kilowatts and the high speed of rotation of a gear disk it is possible to cut easily preparation 50-60 mm thick, but the line of a cut has to be absolutely direct.

About a half of joiner's works is connected with production of curvilinear profiles from plywood, OSB, the stuck together panels. If length of the line of a cut is small, it is possible to cut out wooden preparation a manual fret saw. The simple design and superthin, all in couple of millimeters, a cloth gives the chance the manual tool to cut out details 1-2 mm wide.