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The request, before visit of office to call in two hours prior to arrival

Dimensions of a niche set the case size. If a niche small, within 1,5 - 2 m wide, design can be begun at once, having included our online designer. Before design, of course, it is necessary to be convinced the last time that the mission of a case and its profile are defined correctly.

It should be noted that with lateral and a back wall simpler to do a case, than without them. It is connected with that the sizes of shelves in a case without sidewalls precisely cannot be determined in the most correct niche. Means, each shelf needs to be done in the form of preparation and to cut in a place.

Doing a case by the hands, it is necessary to solve – whether will be at it lateral and back walls or their role will be played by niche walls. This decision will also define, whether there will be such case cheap or not.

The master who is going to think up and make such large furniture object, has to realize – whether it will be able quickly and cheap to make a sliding wardrobe without lateral and a back wall for receiving considerable economy. If such confidence is not present, it is better to do more expensive, but more reliable decision.

It is necessary to apply the designer even if the case becomes bases back and sidewalls. it can be made, simply entering the parameters of shelves set with a stock on undercutting in a place. It is favourably to use the designer including because of the cost which is shown at any stage of work on preparation.