Garden Bench Build With Storage

How to make a DIY workbench with pallets and wood

To make furniture, tools will be necessary for the master for processing of a bar, for assembly of constructive elements of a product, for decorative finishing. The list of tools which have to be in an arsenal of each furniture maker making an oak, birch furniture and other breeds of a tree includes:

Then it is necessary to make openings under self-tapping screws and other fasteners then it is necessary to collect a design according to drawings. The final stage of assembly of furniture is a polishing, varnishing, other decorative works. When all these operations are executed, the product can be used.

If the beginning master himself carries out cutting and processing of a tree, it should be trained at first on samples, trying to do a carving and lines of saw cuts by the accuratest. The necessary result seldom turns out from the first therefore you should not begin at once work on fair details.

A tree furniture the hands are products which differ in unique appearance, unique design, environmental friendliness, reliability and, of course, reasonable price. To make in house conditions an oak, birch or other natural tree furniture is more difficult, than to get finished products, but own hand-made articles will become the real highlights which will favourably add an interior. However, to make qualitative furniture of a bar, it is necessary to be prepared for work correctly.

The wooden furniture can be correctly collected by the hands only if the master correctly made drawings of future product. Similar schemes can be made independently or to take in finished form. On drawings it is necessary to specify all sizes of a design, and also place in which fasteners will settle down. If the product differs in complexity of assembly, it is desirable to make drawings in several projections.

Also fasteners – self-tapping screws, konfirmata, nails, screws, accessories will be necessary for the master for work. It is necessary to select them taking into account the scheme of future product, a look and thickness of the used wood, and also functional features of a hand-made article.