Garden Bench Build With Floating Night Stands

Diy home library with fingerprint lock How to use a planer for yout garden

Zasverlite openings a thin drill on small depth, and then fix regiments screws self-tapping screws.

Using a screw-driver or the screw gun, record the first half of a case on a lateral wall. Openings with euroscrews in this case will be hidden.

Apply glue on the top side of the metal box (in our example transparent glue-sealant is used). Previously process a surface a universal obezzhirivatel or acetone.

Drill fixing openings, using drills corresponding to diameter of plastic expansion bolt shields (most often for fixing of small wall modules expansion bolt shields with a diameter of 6 mm are used).

For assembly of the second half of a locker as an additional clamp PVA glue is used. Add a little glue to fixing openings on the plane of the first interfaced element (the left sidewall) (on 3-4 drops in everyone) then densely hammer into them shkant, using a plastic hammer. Record a back fixing corner on lateral part of a case

IMPORTANT: When performing openings in walls be extremely careful. The feeding power lines connected in distributive boxing and located near it should not be damaged by a drill. If you are not sure – where the feeding lines are located, use the indicator with function of contactless definition of a phase.

After glue completely dries, remove an adhesive tape. Record fixing corners of shelves on case sidewalls.

Paste on the case case dampers for ensuring convenience of operation and a cap for masking krepezhy.