Fine Woodworking With Ecosa

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Using the woodworking machine it is possible to make contours of future bed. Such car will be made of several separate details:

Board from wood. The birch, a linden is better to use wood with the low content of pitch, for example. The size of a board is recommended to be taken two meters long, 60 centimeters wide and about 3 centimeters thick.

Council: It is not recommended to do a bed by the size less, than 1,5*0,6 meters, but also you should not do it huge more than 1,8*0,7 meters. The child will quickly grow up from a small bed and if to make it too big, the kid in it will not feel comfortably.

First of all it will be necessary to understand from what elements to consist this design.

For parents important that their children grew in the comfortable atmosphere, and to their dream threatened nothing. If at the person is the minimum tool kit and elementary knowledge, a children's bed the hands

It is easy to make it for two - three days and to provide all subtleties and nuances for comfort of the child.

The basis for such furniture becomes continuous, it can be got already ready, and it is possible to use simply instead of it the sheet of plywood.